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Nouveautés V-Ray Next for Rhino :

Render speed : V-Ray now renders up to 50% faster thanks to a large number of performance optimizations.

Grasshopper animations : The V-Ray Timeline component enables the rendering of animated parametric Grasshopper definitions.

Twice as fast C-Ray GPU : New rendering architecture renders twice as fast across GPUs with support for more of V-Ray’s high-end production features and bucket rendering mode.

Automatic exposure and white balance : Once a scene loads, Auto exposure and white balance return the right settings, making the entire process point-and-shoot simple.

Adaptive dome light : Removes the need for setting up skylight portals, significantly speeding up your workflow when setting up interior scenes.

New lighting analysis tools : Now easier to visualize a scene’s real-world illumination values in lux or footcandles.

 Asset outliner : List and manage materials, lights, geometries, render elements and textures in a unified way and visualize shader hierarchies.

Texture instancing : Map multiple material parameters with the same source texture to simplify the shader structure and management.

Universal asset preview : View preview of materials, lights, textures and render elements in a single viewer. Observe how parameter changes affect the appearance of the asset in a specific isolated setting.

Asset library management : Manage assets of any type in an intuitive customizable folder structure. Quickly search through huge number of assets in either the built-in library or in any other library location.